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Upakarma Rakshabandan
Start Date : 8/19/2024
End Date :8/19/2024
Venue: Hindu Temple and Cultural Center of IOWA (HTCC)
Host :Hindu Temple and Cultural Center of IOWA (HTCC)
City :Madrid
Festival : Raksha Bandhan
Details: Upakarma Rakshabandan

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What is Raksha Bandhan and why is it celebrated?

Festival Date

Raksha Bandhan is a Hindu custom marking the love and affection between brothers and sisters. It is celebrated on "Shravan Sud Poornima" every year according to the Hindu Calender.

Raksha means Protection , Bandhan means bond. On this day, sisters tie a colourful 'Rakhi' on the wrists of their brothers. Sisters believe that this will bring success, peace, and good health to their brothers throughout the year.

There is no such indication in the Indian History that when and how this custom started. But it is said that there was a war between the Gods and the devil, and the Gods were on the losing side. At this particular time Lord Indra called his Guru Brihaspati in his court for help and advice. At the same time Indra wife Indrani was also present in the court. Before Brihaspati could say anything Indrani rose and said that she knew that how to assure God's win in the battle. The next day was Shravani Purnima. When Indra was off to the battlefield, Indrani tied a "Madadiyu" a sacred thread on wrist on Indra. When Indra entered the battlefield with the "Madadiyu" tied on his wrist, the devil begin to lose and lost the battle.

Many days before this festival shops start selling Rakhi in all colours and design, from ordinary ones to the ones in Silver and Gold.

Sisters buy Rakhi for their brother and on Raksha Bandhan Day tie them on the wrist of their brother praying for his success. Brothers on their part take a vow to protect their sister, and a symbol of his love gives a gift to his sister.

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