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Machine learning can create meaningful conversations on death
Lot to speak about: Woman gets tongue made from arm skin
Even one drink a day may increase cancer risk
New Mediterranean diet lets you eat meat without any guilt
Malaysia launches vaccination campaign after 1st polio infection in 27 years
Opioid relapse chances higher in risk tolerant people
Forget onions, you'll soon need more food to stay healthy
Watching porn rewires brain to more juvenile state: Study
Brain region smaller in birth control pill users: Study
Vigorous exercise lowers mortality risk in women: Study
Blood test can identify people at risk of night-time high BP
Odisha CM announces steps for healthcare infra in 6 districts
'Junk DNA' affects risk of inherited cancer: Study
Kids born through C-sections not at higher obesity risk
Reducing air pollution can prevent early deaths: Study
Domestic abuse victims twice at risk of long-term illnesses
Briton revived after six-hour cardiac arrest
Time-restricted eating benefits those at risk for diabetes
Brain differences detected in kids with depressed parents
UK lesbian couple become first parents with shared motherhood technique
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