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Today In Indian History - Historical Events of India

DateEvent Name
Genghis Khan, Monghol conqueror, passed away.
8/18/1700 Bajirao I, the second peshwa, was born.
8/18/1800 Fort William College was established at Calcutta.
8/18/1872 Pandit Vishnu Digambar Paluskar Gadgil, who provided new heights to North Indian classical music, was born at Kundanwadi at Kolhapur distrist in Maharashtra.
8/18/1891 Jain Muni Mishrimalji, poet, social reformer and orator, was born at Pali, Rajasthan.
8/18/1896 Raghupati Sahay ""Firaq Gorakhpuri"", revolutionary Urdu poet, was born. He was honoured with the highest literary awards, including the Sahitya Academy Award in 1960 and Bharatiya Gyanpeeth Award in 1969. His notable works include ""Ruh-e-Kayenaat (Spirit of Universe, 1945)"" and ""Ramz-O-Kinayaat (Suggestion, 1946)"".
8/18/1900 Vijayalakshmi Pandit, first woman President of U.N.O. General Assembly, was born.
8/18/1907 Madam Bhikaji Cama, addressed the International Socialist Congress at Stuttgart, Germany.
8/18/1911 Adityanath Jha, former Governor of Delhi, was born.
8/18/1920 Harbhajan Singh, educationist and writer, was born at Lumding.
8/18/1923 Jamshed Khudadaad Irani, cricket wicket-keeper for India during the 1947-48 Australia tour, was born in Karachi.
8/18/1923 Sadashiv ""Sadu"" Ganpatrao Shinde, cricketer (Indian leg-spinner during the late 1940's and early 1950's), was born in Bombay.
8/18/1945 Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose left Saigon and is believed to have died in a Japanese aeroplane crash at Taihoku Airport in Taiwan.
8/18/1951 Indian Institute of Technology was opened in Kharagpur, West Bengal.
8/18/1956 Sandeep Madhusudan Patil, great Indian batsman, was born in Bombay.
8/18/1957 Tilak Raj was appointed the Narcotics Commissioner of India. He headed his office for four years till 6th September, 1961.
8/18/1958 Dr.Bhagwandas, famous Congress leader and theosophist, died.
8/18/1969 Humayun Kabir, great politician, died.
8/18/1979 Vasantrao Naik, former Chief Minister of Maharashtra, died.
8/18/1985 Assam Assembly dissolved (18).
8/18/1990 President R Venkataraman presented the colours to the Officers Training Academy in recognition of their services to the Nation.
8/18/1990 Pandit Narayan Chaturvedi, senior Hindi litterateur, died.
8/18/1991 12 LTTE militants commit suicide.
8/18/1993 The Transport Development Council decides to abolish Pathkar (entry tax) and increase the fee for national permit from Rs. 1500 to Rs. 5000.
8/18/1995 Parvati Giri, also called the Little Mother Teresa, died in Orissa. She was 69. She was a social worker and had taken part during the Quit India movement.
8/18/1997 Shanvac-B, India's first genetically engineered vaccine for Hepatitis B was launched.
8/18/2000 The Supreme Court rejects a petition filed by former Navy chief Vishnu Bhagwat challenging his dismissal from service and the consequent direction stripping him of the title Admiral.


Other Historical Dates and Events
9/11/1875Koyaji Jahangir Kuwanrji, famous economist, was born.
3/17/1955Indian Standard's Institute started working to control the quality of Indian products and the ISI mark was issued to quality products.
11/6/1999Red carpet welcome to Pope. He appreciated the religious freedom in India.
2/23/1946Some 300,000 Indians joined in anti-British demonstrations today in the wake of yesterday's violent riots in the city of Bombay. Indian Navy rebels. A day of terror and rebellion saw Indian Navy members turn against their British officers firing machine guns.
6/10/1966MIG aeroplanes were designed at Nashik.
5/26/1945Vilasrao Dagdojirao Deshmukh, leader in Maharashtra, was born.
4/21/1975Farakka Barrage dedicated to nation.
2/17/1992Tripura's Congress (I) ministry falls as TUJS withdraws support.
9/13/1997Grieving India lays to rest Mother Teresa in state funeral in Calcutta in which pomp and splendour is combined with religious rites.
3/19/1944Azad Hind Fauj hoisted the National Flag for the first time in North East India. On this event Bimal Roy produced the film 'Pehla Aadmi'.